Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

36.04.01 Veterinary and sanitary expertise

The health of the people depends on how well the veterinary service is organized in the country. The Service prevents diseases that can be dangerous for people. Veterinary and sanitary experts control the quality of meat, milk, eggs and other animal products. Veterinary stations, farms, production and veterinary control departments, meat processing plants, meat and dairy and food control stations and veterinary laboratories. The products to be sold must undergo veterinary and sanitary expertise. In case of being dangerous for consumers, the expert has the right to confiscate and destroy any of them. Border and customs veterinary control is of particular importance nowadays. All imported food products are inspected for available harmful chemicals and poisons. All animals imported into the country and exported from the country must also be controlled, thus avoiding the epidemics.

Entrance examinations: oral interview (exam) on the topic of the Master-programme 
Duration of training: 2 years
Language: Russian

 Dean: Prof. Olga Iu. Ledeneva; Tel.: +7 (383) 267- 0907