Faculty of Economics and Management

38.03.01 Economics

Profiles: Finance and credit

Studying at «Finance and credit» profile is a unique opportunity to become a qualified specialist in the field of finance, economic, accounting and financial control functions of the enterprise and the state.  
Financial specialist is one of the most popular nowadays, as finance is the basis of the country's economy and it is necessary to operate finance activities on a competence basis especially in case of crisis. Bachelors in finance and credit refer to highly-paid professions at the labour market. They can work at stock exchanges, insurance and investment companies and banks. Financial analyst analyses the situations at financial market, forecasts financial policies and makes business plans. Students can grow financial director from working as an accountant, economist and employee at the planning department.

Accountancy, analysis and audit

Accountant is one of the most popular professions in demand. The specialist can be affiliated with any enterprise. The accountant becomes not only a financial specialist, but also an analytical one. An accountant is the central link of the company: specific skills of an accountant allow to solve many problems quickly and competently, as well as to avoid many negative aspects that can lead to bankruptcy. 

Entrance examinations: Russian language, Mathematics (professional level), Social studies.
Duration of training: 5 years
Language: Russian

38.03.02 Management

Profiles: Industrial management

Bachelor of Industrial management is able to solve the following tasks:

  • planning the activities of the organization and its divisions;
  • formation of organizational and management structure;
  • Prepare analytical reports, their presentation and paperwork;
  • Dealing with initial data for making plans for departments agreed by plans, budget process and organizational;
  • Calculation of the standards for inventory;
  • Development of business-plans for new business.
  • Business activity.

Logistics and supply chain management

Experience of industrially developed countries and advanced companies shows that logistics plays a strategically important role in modern business. Logistics is seen as an effective management of material and related (information, financial, service) flows to achieve corporate goals with the appropriate cost of all resources. In order to assess the importance of logistics in enterprise operation we should consider the most successful recent projects in production and the market, such as IKEA, Honda, Toyota, Dell. What do they have in common? Quality, profitability (stable and always above average in the market) and recognized in the business environment logistics. This is not by chance. In these companies, logistics was initially the basic component in the strategy and methodology of quality development of the company's business, that is, not only the quality of the final product, but the entire business process - from production to the consumer.

Entrance examinations: Russian language, Mathematics (professional level), Social studies.

Duration of training: 5 years
Language: Russian

08.03.01 Architecture and Building

Profile: Building and reconstruction of agricultural entities

The specialist deals with engineering surveys, design, building, operation, monitoring, evaluation and reconstruction of buildings and construction; engineering support and equipment and urban areas, as well as transport infrastructure facilities;

  • application of machinery, equipment and technologies for construction and installation, operation and maintenance of buildings, as well as for producing construction materials, products and constructions;
  • business activity and management of production in the construction, housing and municipal sphere, including economic efficiency of business and production activity;
  • environmental protection in the construction, housing and communal sphere.

Entrance examinations: Russian language, Mathematics (professional level), Physics
Duration of training: 5 years
Language: Russian

38.03.03 Personnel management

Students who graduated from Personnel Management work in the Personnel departments at regional and local authorities, enterprises and organizations involved in trade, transport, banking, insurance, tourism, labour markets etc. 

The specialist is experienced in organizational, administration, economic, analytical and research activities in the Personnel department.

The specialists focus on organizational, administration, legal, workflow, pedagogical, social, psychological and sociological activities.

Entrance examinations: Russian language, Mathematics (professional level), Social studies. 
Duration of training: 5 years
Language: Russian

38.03.04 Public administration

The specialist in Public Administration deals with various organizations and departments in the system of public administration, processes of economic, political, organizational and social life, problems of functioning and development of the state and its regional and local authorities, problems of interaction between a man and society.

Specialist in Public Administration is a manager who plans individual and project activity, controls efficiency of employees’ activity and coordinates the activity in the external environment, motivates the employees, represents the organization and its interests, does research and diagnoses the problems, forecasts, sets goals and designs situations, consults and provides methodical and training work with employees, innovative activities in the field of management.

Entrance examinations: Russian language, Mathematics (professional level), Social studies. 
Duration of training: 5 years
Language: Russian

43.03.01 Service

Profile: Real estate service

The students focus on:

  • consumers (individual or corporate customers), their needs;
  • real estate services: operation (use), maintenance, purchase and sale, lease, leasing, mortgage, privatization, nationalization, decision-making on real estate construction and reconstruction projects, exchange, insurance, assessment, expertise and many others.
  • methods of assessment, diagnostics, expertise, audit, modeling of real estate service systems and processes.

The students can work as specialists, heads of departments and regional and local authorities, Departments of the Federal Real Estate Agency of the Russian Federation and Registration Service Departments of Russia, as cadastral engineers, appraisers, realtors, experts, auditors in various real estate agencies, auditing companies, financial and insurance institutions.

They are managers of all types, engineering and economic and production and technological workers.

Entrance examinations: Russian language, Mathematics (professional level), Social studies. 
Duration of training: 5 years
Language: Russian

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