To issue an invitation, you have to send the following information to the International Projects Department (hereinafter referred to as IPD):

  1. a scan of an identity document and citizenship (passport) and its verified translation; 

  2. place of birth (country, city), place of residence (address), visa office placement (city), name of organization and position (in case of employment at the time of forming an invitation).

An invitation to enter the Russian Federation is a document (including an electronic document) which is the basis for issuing a visa to a foreign citizen or for entering the Russian Federation in a way that does not require a visa, in the cases provided by Federal Law No. 115- of July 25, 2002 Federal Law "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation" or by an international agreement with the Russian Federation.

Foreign students of the Center for Pre-University Training within 24 hours after arriving at the territory of the University should contact the IPD, located in the main building of the Novosibirsk State Agrarian University in the office №409, 401  for migration registration, visa extension and obtaining admission to training.

You have to bring with you:

1) passport and copies of all its filled pages;

2) migration card and its copy;

* instructions and further registration of the necessary documents is carried out upon the fact of a foreign citizen.

3) the detachable part of the notification of the arrival of a foreign citizen at the place of residence and its copy;

4) 2 photographs 3x4 cm;

5) a receipt for payment of the state duty;

6) a training contract;

7) a contract for living in a dormitory;

8) a document on voluntary health insurance.

In case of any question or for additional information. Contact us:

+7 (383) 264-20-91             the International Projects Department        Anastasiia Dekar                Lyubov Schmidt