Documents for receipt:

  • The identity document (passport);
  • A document of education (diploma or certificate). Crediting to budget places
  • this is provided that the original document is submitted within the established time limit;
  • Documents about individual achievements;
  • 6 photos 3x4 cm for registration of necessary student documents.

Individual categories of applicants can submit the following documents:

  • A document confirming the limited possibilities of health or disability;
  • A document confirming a limited health or disability that requires special conditions for conducting entrance tests;
  • Documents confirming that the applicant belongs to persons from among orphans and children left without parental care until they reach the age of 23 years;
  • Documents confirming individual achievements of the applicant, the results of which are taken into account when applying for training in accordance with the admission rules;
  • Other documents (submitted at the applicant's discretion).

 160 Dobrolyubova str., Room 235; 630039, Novosibirsk,

 Tel.: +7 (383) 347-41-14 (Central admissions office)